After 133 inquiries and 4 showings (we were very selective), the new owners from Halton Region in Ontario will undoubtedly cherish the unspoilt wilderness as we did and develop Tranquility Bay Lodge to new heights of beauty.





A charming lakefront cottage has become available in a pristine wilderness setting north of Sudbury. IT IS THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS – access to any supplies in nearby Sudbury when needed and enjoyment of the best nature has to offer on a breathtaking remote lake in Northern Ontario.

Location and Lake Details

BURWASH LAKE is 35 nautical miles north of the Greater Sudbury Airport. It is approximately 8 miles long and approximately ½ to 1 mile in width. There are numerous bays and islands on BURWASH LAKE. It has about 50 miles of shoreline and basically runs north and south. It is natural, fresh water lake fed from streams and springs. It is not a man-made lake and consequently has a clean bottom. The depth varies from a gradual sand or rock shore to in excess of 150 feet. There is one outlet, which drains into the Wanapitei River and eventually Georgian Bay. BURWASH LAKE is primarily in Cotton and Valin Townships but also borders McNamara and Leask Townships. There are many other remote lakes with excellent fishing, canoeing and hunting opportunities that are accessible by plane or portage. From BURWASH LAKE, there is a relatively easy portage route to Little Burwash Lake, Stephenson Lake and Sunday Lake.

There are no commercial operations and only 3 deeded properties on BURWASH LAKE, which has remained unchanged for over 50 years. The deeded properties are well separated – by at least 2 miles. The balance of the lakeshore property is completed titled in the Crown. There is no indication that the Government plans to sell the Crown Land. There are only 4 annual land use permits on BURWASH LAKE, which give the Licensee no ownership rights or assurance of renewal. These camps are well set back from the waterline as required and most are in the back bays. Use of the camps and deeded properties has varied. But it is not at all unusual to have the lake exclusively to oneself for days and sometimes weeks on end without seeing another boat. Campers are few and seldom seen.

BURWASH LAKE is accessible by land or air. An old mining trail into the lake continues to exist and is maintained and used by all-terrain vehicle operators. The cottage is a 20 minute flight to a full-service commercial airport (Sudbury) for amphibious aircraft or to a floatplane base (Sudbury Aviation) on Whitewater Lake in Azilda. BURWASH LAKE has excellent fishing and hunting opportunities. Lake Trout abound as do Northern Pike. Other species include bass and sun fish. Reaching one’s catch limit is rarely achallenge. Preference for a fish species is almost always guaranteed with specific fishing gear, lures or live bait. The lake is a cold water lake and LakeTrout can be caught with regularity in 15-20 feet of water even in July and August. The area has moose and is not heavily hunted. It is customary to hunt the season and not run into another hunter. There are no deer in the area. Fox, Lynx, Wolf, Martens and Black Bear are present but rarely seen. Beaver, Otter, Squirrels, Chipmunks and Rabbits are common. Birds are in abundance such as Loons, Hawks, Mergansers, Seagulls, Osprey, Evening Grosbeaks and Hummingbirds.

Recent Cottage Owners

There have been 2 owners of this property in the last 45 years. Named Waldorf in the Wilderness by the former owner who was a business leader and entrepreneur, it was primarily a fishing and hunting retreat for corporate associates and friends. There was lodging for up to 10 individuals. Family vacations took advantage of the opportunities for hiking, fishing, canoeing, and swimming the beaches on BURWASH LAKE including the one infront of the cottage. On all occasions, the owner impressed his family and guests with his culinary interests and talents as well as his competitive spirit in mandatory fishing tournaments. The current owners re-named the cottage Tranquility Bay Lodge to reflect the actual location on BURWASH LAKE and the ambience and calmness it projects. The location and expanse of the beachfront ensured the safety of the Cessna 185. It did not require the creation of a docking and rail system for the aircraft as originally thought. The cottage was used almost exclusively as a private retreat and escape for the owners from their hectic life in southern Ontario. There were countless times when weekends constituted a 6-hour turnaround flight to simply enjoy a picnic on the beach and the stillness and beauty of BURWASH LAKE and surrounding area. The rejuvenating effects were unequivocal. At other times, the retreats were 1, 2, or 3 weeks in duration to capture the essence of the wilderness setting by canoeing, portaging, fishing and hiking. It was an ideal setting to relax and enjoy personal interests of landscaping, remodeling, reading and flying to other remote lakes to fish for the day.

Cottage Details

The cottage faces south and the entire shoreline in front of it has a pebbly sand beach, which gradually slopes to 5’ deep about 40’ from shore. The property has been landscaped with large boulders alongside the beach and planted with White Pine andRed Pine. Other foliage includes Spruce, Jack Pine, Aspen, Birch, Mugho Pine and various types of groundcover. Past the property line, the shoreline continues in the same manner adjoining other sandy beaches that are minutes away by foot. The cottage contains 2 bedrooms, one 3-piece bathroom, a lounge area that doubles for additional sleeping, living room with a pull-out couch, dining room, kitchen and storage room. It can easily accommodate 7 adults or 6 adults and 2 children. Extra cots are stored in the Boat House and available for use.

The main cottage is 48 feet by 20 feet and is built on 24 concrete posts that are 10 ½ inches square. The fully screened porch, an additional 8 feet by 12 feet, is attached and off the dining room, which faces the lake. The French doors to the screened porch are leaded glass. The porch has a propane BBQ, a wraparound build-in ledge for eating, 3 large oak chairs, a wall-mounted insulated food container, and a unique drawer unit. Fir timbers run the full length of the cottage and forms a Cathedral ceiling inside. The interior walls are log siding and wood panelling. The exterior is Haida Skirl British Columbia Red Cedar siding. The kitchen and dining room have linoleum floor tiles. The rest of the cottage has wall to wall carpeting.The cottage is attractively and comfortably furnished with rustic, casual and antique pieces. Wildlife themes are throughout the home - caribou skins and head, moose antlers, colorful blankets, pillows, throw rugs, bedding, wall art, dishes and glassware. The sound system is a Dolby automatic reverse cassette one with 12 volt to 4 speakers. Cassettes vary in musical content. There is a 24’ flat screen TV with DVD. Heat from one source (high efficiency Hunter Model C-31 that is centrally located) is sufficient for the entire cottage. A single wood filling (maximum 6 cubic feet) can last up to 12 hours. There are bright red and green ceramic tiles on the 2 heat shields around the wood stove. Alternate sources of heat, which were never needed by the current owners, include a wood burning stove in the kitchen and a propane wall heater. The fireplace is striking in appearance and has been refaced in stone. The chimney has been partially dismantled for a fire insert and new chimney to offer a more efficient heat source. In the kitchen, there is a four burner Moffat Gas Stove (complete with oven and broiler) and large EGM-ILT Whirlpool refrigerator with separate door freezer section. The plumbing is polybutylene pressure pipe with screw fittings. The water closet in the bathroom is standard flush to an efficient, trouble free septic tank system. The glass-lined automatic hot water tank is propane gas. FOR THOSE WHO INSIST ON ATMOSPHERE, A FUNCTIONAL OUTHOUSE REMAINS ON THE PROPERTY! A satellite phone has been used in the last few years but a radio dial telephone, complete with antenna for direct dialing and for direct incoming calls, can be re-activated with Bell Canada. The telephone is 12 volt battery operated. The cottage has propane lighting throughout that

Alternative lighting is powered by solar energy. Florescent lights have also been installed and powered by a small Honda generator. The roof on the cottage is metal, red in colour and was installed about 5 years ago. The same roofing material is on site for the Boat House, which still has asphalt shingles.

The Boat House & More

Abutting the beach at the far end of the property, the Boat House is 31 feet by 13 feet of log construction with siding that includes asphalt and corrugated plastic. It has a well-equipped workshop at the back of it (1/3 of the size). The workshop has benches, a workhorse, various tools and equipment and is equipped with a propane light. Attached to the Boat House is a 4 foot by 4 foot screened fish cleaning facility complete with stainless steel sink and counter and running water and drain.

The Boat House houses the propane tanks (4- 60 lb, 2-30 lb, and 2-20 lb tanks), fishing gear, oars, paddles, gasoline containers, a large generator, a live fish enclosure, landscaping equipment, and boat motors. The plan to re-build the Boat House shortly after the change of ownership did not materialize – largely due to the stability and effective function of the building over many many years. In the last few years, the plan to create a structure of the same size, with boat house facilities and sauna on the ground level, and self-contained living space and screened porch on the upper level (to be named “The Loft”) was deemed to no longer be a physically viable project for the current owners. The water supply to the cottage and Boat House is provided by a shallow well point driven deep into the sand and below the lake level, which delivers clear, clean, well filtered water. The water is pumped by a gasoline pump into a water storage unit, which is mounted on top of a 25-foot steel scaffolding structure, which stands on a concrete pad. There is ample water pressure for all uses in the cottage as well as to the fish cleaning facility. This longstanding system has worked well over the years. A well-aged open structure behind the cottage, primarily developed as a wood shed and storage facility, is slated for removal so a smaller wood shed can be built.There are 4 aluminum fishing boats – 16’, 15’, 12’ and 10’ (1 seat rower) that are included with the property. There are also 2 canoes – 1 is a Springbok.

The Future of Tranquility Bay Lodge

For the past 27 years, the current owners of Tranquility Bay Lodge have truly had the best of both worlds! Many dreams spawned on BURWASH LAKEand often during enjoyment of the seemingly endless beautiful sunsets. Many of those dreams materialized throughout the years – not only resulting in many changes to Tranquility Bay Lodge but to exciting projects elsewhere. The future of this exceptional property will undoubtedly lie in the vision, courage and dedication of the next proud owners.